Tinder There Was A Problem Getting Your Code Error
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Tinder: There Was A Problem Getting Your Code Error? – Tinder SMS Verification Error Solution

Tinder There Was A Problem Getting Your Code Error: The problem in getting the code on your mobile phone and computers occur at the time of Tinder registration or verification process. If you have ever failed to solve this Tinder SMS Verification Error, then our this guide will surely help you. These kinds of errors are irritating and time-consuming one. You must have heard about the Tinder online application, which is an extremely popular mobile app that contains a common error like Server Error 1001.

Tinder There Was A Problem Getting Your Code Error

While creating or logging into a Facebook account, the verification process occurs in which the personal details are required with Tinder Verification Code. At that time the error is generated which display in the form of code that is known as tinder verification problem.

Tinder for the PC Download can allow you to connect with people in the different locations. It is not officially launched for PC, but with the help of Android emulators like BlueStacks or with chrome extension you can use it on your PC.

There are various methods which can be applied to fix the errors.

If the profile picture of your Facebook account is uploaded, but still the code error is persistently occurring in the Tinder app. In that case, it needs to be fixed.

You can follow the below-given steps:

  • Install the app again by deleting the previous one.
  • By changing the settings allow Facebook to use the Tinder app information.
  • Now reinstall the app from the official page of Tinder present on Facebook.

How To Fix Tinder SMS Verification Error

Tinder is a location-based online dating mobile application. This is one of the most interesting innovations through which user can find a perfect match by Tinder search. When the user wants to create an account on Tinder, it needs to verify their identity.  And they have to enter a phone number to receive an SMS with a verification code. Sometimes, when the user enters the mobile number and clicks on request code, Tinder SMS Verification Error occurred. There are some methods to fix the verification error as mentioned below:

  1. Log Out of Both Tinder and Facebook Application: The user has to log out of both Tinder and Facebook application. They have to delete the internet history. The user needs to log in again to the tinder The solution of deleting internet history and logging out the Facebook and Tinder account might work for the users.
  2. Add an additional digit at the end of your phone number: Another method to fix the SMS verification error is to add an extra the digit at the end of your phone number. The solution works well for many users in resolving the verification error. So, you should definitely try this method.
  3. Install an Older Version of the Tinder App: This is one of the hits and trial methods. To install an older version of Tinder, the user has to uninstall the currently running version. After uninstalling the Tinder application from the phone, search for application package kit on Google. Install the APK file from the search and login to the Tinder. Now the user can update the online dating application to the latest version.

All the methods mentioned above are not the official way to fix tinder SMS verification errors. But these methods work well in some cases. Hence, you should try any one of the methods mentioned above if you are facing the same problem.

Tinder Verification Code Getting Problem

This is one of the common problems most of the users are facing while creating an account on Tinder. The user needs to enter the phone number so Tinder can send a message to verify the account. But sometimes the user may face a problem getting code Tinder while requesting a token for SMS verification. There are some methods to fix this problem. As soon as the user has fixed problem and get a verification code, they are able to log in. After successfully creating an account user can search profile on Tinder to date with them. There are various websites from where a user can find the best Tinder Pickup lines for making an impression.

Is It Possible to Bypass Tinder Phone Verification?

If the user does not want to give their Phone number while creating an account, they can use bypass SMS verification method. There are many online tools that help the user in Tinder Phone verification bypass. These websites provide dummy mobile number to the user which can be used during registration. The SMS verification code is sent to that number which helps the user to bypass SMS verification without giving their personal mobile number. These websites are trusted and secure, and one can try anyone of available websites. Users have to follow some steps to receive the message online. The steps are mentioned below:

  1. Go to any one of the bypass phone verification website.
  2. The website provides a list of the phone. The user can select any one of the numbers from the website.
  3. Enter the selected number as your mobile number on the phone number text box.
  4. Hit the button send a verification If the selected mobile number does not work, then the user can select any other number from the list.
  5. After this click on the selected number on the website and this step will direct you to the inbox.
  6. The user can find the verification code in the inbox.
  7. Now enter that code in the verification code field and click on the verify code button.
  8. Your account should be verified now.

This is one of the best and easy ways for Tinder Phone verification bypass within few minutes. The user can pick up any one of the available online message verification websites. This method for Tinder There Was A Problem Getting Your Code is also useful for the users who want to protect their privacy by keeping the personal number to them as Tinder Verification Code error is now solved. Thanks for visiting our website, Tinder PC Online.

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