Tinder Without Facebook

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook Account: Best Working Methods

Tinder Without Facebook: Facebook is providing one of the best online platforms for business marketing that is why most of the companies have their Facebook pages. If you don’t know how to use Tinder Without Facebook Account and still finding the solution, then you are on the right website. The dating applications like Tinder need full authentication of account, so they are getting help from Facebook for signup process. But here is a trick that will make using Tinder without Facebook possible. This thing will help you to maintain privacy while searching partner on tinder. Tinder Application is available for both Android and iOS.

Tinder Sign In Without Facebook Possible?

In this era of social media connectivity, all the activities of a person’s real life are getting updated on various websites. If you want to hide all of your Facebook account information from strangers on Tinder, then it is possible. There are some methods that a person can implement on social media profile to prevent the information leakage. Without any facebook linking, you can search for a perfect date on Tinder very quickly. Just use a new account instead of the existing one but keep all the real information in the profile section. So below you will get the best answer for your question that Is It Possible Using Tinder With No Facebook Linking?

Tinder login without Facebook: If you have any doubts regarding can you use Tinder without Facebook, then this article will solve all of them. It is clear that Facebook is proven as an efficient way to identify whether the Tinder account is real or fake. Now you can bypass this formality and keep all the Facebook profile information confidential. Because some want to hide their information from them who doing Tinder Profile Search to find nearby on Tinder Search Engine. Yes, it is possible that you can make a Tinder sign in without Facebook account information. By using some useful tricks, your whole Facebook social life will remain confidential from any unwanted person.

Using Tinder without sharing your Facebook information is possible with some methods that anyone can implement. Tinder app is available on both IOS and Android platforms of smartphones so finding a right partner from large criteria is easy from here.

If privacy is your priority before signing up to Tinder App, then there is an option in Facebook to stop disclosing the profile information to strangers. Change the settings of visibility to “only me.” Consider this method as Tinder without a Facebook alternative. Feel free to sign up on Tinder application without fear of disclosing your activities on Facebook.

Why Is Tinder Linked To Facebook

  • A real or fake account is a big internet issue, so popular Smartphone applications like Tinder are using Facebook for verification. Real Facebook ID identification is easy so that it will decrease the possibility of fake accounts.
  • It will provide trust to users while feeling in a relationship with strangers through this application.
  • The linking of Tinder and Facebook will keep your tinder profile picture up to date if you will allow the Tinder app to get data from Facebook profile.

Why Should You Unlink Tinder With Facebook?

While asking about the purpose of linking Facebook with Tinder, you will get lots of security reasons as answers. But along with benefits, there is also a list of problems that are mentioned below in detail:-

  • It automatically updates your profile picture on Tinder when you upload on Facebook. Updating the profile without asking permission of user may lead to serious trouble in some circumstances.
  • The term dating is an emotional and sensitive matter, so it becomes essential to follow proper precautions. Unlinking Tinder application from facebook account provides privacy regarding the visibility of all necessary information and regular activities.
  • Linking the information of your one social media account with others will completely disclose your private life on the internet which is quite weird.

Does Tinder Post To Facebook?

Tinder does not post to the Facebook. It just uses the Facebook account to retrieve your information. Anyone who visits your Facebook account cannot recognize that you are using Tinder.

Tinder And Facebook: One cannot use this online dating application without Facebook. You need to have a Facebook account to create a profile on Tinder. But this does not mean that all your “Tinder and Facebook” information is mixed up.

Why Does Tinder Require Facebook Sign In?

Tinder requires Facebook to make sure that profile created is real because this is one of the social media sites that remove fake profiles. You have to follow fewer steps for registration while using Facebook. This will help in making sure that the Tinder has authentic data. And also make it easy to fill information in the profile.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

First, you should and you have to increase your Facebook privacy by doing changes for the Tinder App priorities in your Facebook account. By increasing the privacy level of Facebook, you can create limits for your profile visibility. To make it work, follow this procedure:-

  • Log in to your Facebook account at Facebook.com and tap on the lock icon to open privacy settings.
  • Now in the footer part, you will find See More Settings option, tap on it.
  • Go to the apps section from left side list, find Tinder and change the visibility to only me.
  • It’s done. This short process has changed the no Tinder no facebook myth misconception very easily.

Create New Facebook For Tinder Account

When you sign up to a new account of Tinder, then it is essential to link it with your existing Facebook account. Using Tinder without disclosing your Facebook information is possible through many methods. But the most effective among all of them is creating a whole new account. It doesn’t mean that creates a fake account, take a look and learn the process:-

  1. First of all create a new Email ID of any mailing service such as Gmail, Yahoo or hot mail.
  2. Now go to the sign-up page on Facebook and enter all of your personal details that are available on your old account.
  3. After creating a new account with appropriate information, open Tinder application and sign up by using the new Facebook ID.
  4. All the timeline of this account will be clear, and you can specify the level of revealing Facebook information.

After creating a new Facebook account you have to make some changes in the Tinder App as well to be sure about your privacy.

  1. Open Tinder App and click on Settings button at the top of the left corner.
  2. Now go to App Settings.
  3. Now Click Logout and Confirm.
  4. Now as you are logged out of Tinder, you have to log into the new Facebook account.
  5. Now go to Tinder and click on Login with Facebook.
  6. Finally, now your Tinder account will be get connected with the newly created Facebook account and you can limit the amount of information you want to share on it.

Providing Facebook information for using Tinder account is considered as an essential process, but it is not true. A user can easily run Tinder without Facebook by limiting the information visibility. It is not a kind of complicated process because any average internet user is capable of doing this. There are some simple methods to opt out which are as follows:-

  • Increasing the privacy of Facebook so that nobody will be able to see the information of account either than you.
  • Create a new account with real information and use it for Tinder instead of using the old facebook profile.

There is no need to worry if you don’t want to share your Facebook life with strangers. To use Tinder Without Facebook account’s information synchronization, follow this process:-

  1. Go to the security icon and tap on it to open the Facebook application settings.
  2. In the lower portion of the page, you will find an option of “apps other use,” just open it.
  3. It will display a complete list from where you have to select “if I’m only” option and then click on save option to implement.
  4. Also, you can create a new facebook profile to use tinder while hiding all the data of your primary account.

Well, there is no official way for Using Tinder Without Facebook but hope our this article where we tried to solve your issue with any alternative about using Tinder Without Facebook Account will help you further. If any of your friends are also looking for the solution for this, then please share our this page with him/her and let them also find their best Tinder Online match.